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10th PDWP


Establishment of Ghazi Khan Medical College Dera Ghazi Khan (Revised)

Cost: PKR 1346.154 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Roads in PKLI & RI Centre, Lahore.

Cost: PKR 554.950 million | Status: Approved


Establishment of Emergency Service in Tehsils covering under DDP Scheme in 10-Tehsils / Towns (Revenue)

Cost: PKR 484.872 million | Status: Approved

LABOUR & HR SECTOR                                   

Punjab Child Labour Survey (PCLS) 2015-16 (PC-II).

Cost: PKR 140.187 million | Status: Approved

FORESTRY SECTOR                                   

Development of Master Plan for Jallo Park Lahore (PC-II).

Cost: PKR 3.000 million | Status: Approved

TOURISM SECTOR                       

Feasibility Study for Identification of Potential Areas for Promotion of Tourism.(PC-II)

Cost: PKR 9.600  million | Status: Approved

IRRIGATION SECTOR                                          

Improvement of Basic Facilities in Small Dams Organization (Security Arrangements, Construction of Offices / Residences Etc.) Package=A, Package=B and Package=C.

Cost: PKR 416.880 million | Status: Approved

Augmentation of Earth Moving Machinery in Irrigation Department, Punjab.      

Cost: PKR 1599.089 million | Status: Approved

Management of Mithawan Hill Torrent in D.G. Khan District.

Cost: PKR 964.607 million | Status: Approved


Land Acquisition & Structural Compensation (Package-1) Dera Gujran to Lakshmi including Depot and Depot Access       

Cost: PKR 6928.11 million | Status: Approved

Land Acquisition & Structural Compensation (Package-2) Lakshmi to Chubruji.   

Cost: PKR 5832.23 million | Status: Approved

Land Acquisition & Structural Compensation (Package-3) Chuburji to Wahdat Road.        

Cost: PKR 6714.16 million | Status: Approved

Land Acquisition & Structural Compensation (Package-4) Wahdat Road to Ali Town including Stabling Year and Stabling Yard Access.

Cost: PKR 3177.67 million | Status: Approved