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11th PDWP


Establishment of Public Private Dialogue (PPD) Unit in Planning and Development Department.

Cost: PKR 253.000 million | Status: Deferred


Provision of Laptops (2015-16)

Cost: PKR 5455.638 million | Status: Approved


Construction of Concrete Silos of 100,000 M.T Capacity at Dera Ghazi Khan, Rajanpur, Kot Chuta (30,000 M. Tons Capacity at Mana Ahmadani)

Cost: PKR 345.068 million | Status: Approved

AGRICULTURE  SECTOR                                   

Land Stabilization and Erosion Control through Soil Conservation Measures in Aliot Area.

Cost: PKR 15.750 million | Status: Deferred

FORESTRY SECTOR                                   

Feasibility for the Establishment of “National Safari Park” in Salt Range. (PC-II)

Cost: PKR 9.200 million | Status: Approved

HEALTH SECTOR                       

Establishment of Directorate General of Monitoring and Evaluation (Health)

Cost: PKR 749.519  million | Status: Approved

Construction of Sheikh Zayed Medical Complex (Phase-II/A), R.Y. Khan. (Revised)

Cost: PKR 1477.404 million | Status: Approved


Treatment of Dewal Land Slide on Rawalpindi Murree Kashmir Road L=86.00 km, Rawalpindi (Revised).

Cost: PKR 219.730 million | Status: Deferred

Construction of Mandra Chakwal Road to Rawat Chakbeli Road via Pind Bala Paimal, length=10.00 km, Rawalpindi.

Cost: PKR 242.225 million | Status: Approved

Improvement / Rehabilitation of Rawalpindi Murree Kashmir Road km.66 to 104 length=38 km, Rawalpindi.

Cost: PKR 1306.685 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Construction of road from Kharota Seydan to Kullwal Road via Kotli Loharan, Gagga Wall, Kot Bawa, Khana, Chak Seemanwali, Bholianwala and Chak Mughal (length=19.40 km), Sialkot.

Cost: PKR 230.070 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Construction of road from Sheikhupura More to Delra via Rambri Lesser and Sanyari (L=19 km), Narowal.

Cost: PKR 255.051 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Construction of road from Pasban Chowk to Kot Nainan via Ikhlaspur (length=18.30 km), Narowal.

Cost: PKR 214.219 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Improvement of from Chak No. 49/2-L to 50/2-L Bye-Pass via Chak No. 35/2-L and 50/2-L, length=21.94 kms, District Okara.

Cost: PKR 230.670 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Improvement of road from B.S Link to Bheela Ghulab Singh via Shadewal Dogray, Jalan Wala, Mandi Ahmad Abad length=22.60 kms Tehsil Depalpur District Okara.

Cost: PKR 234.239 million | Status: Approved

Widening and Rehabilitation of M/Road from Pull 48 to Sher Garh Head Works via Piply Adda, Pull 46/WB, Thingi Adda along S.M Link length:37.60 Km, District Vehari.

Cost: PKR 352.954 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Repair of Metalled Road from M.M. Road to Layyah Minor via Chak No. 166/TDA, 162/TDA, length 33.75 km, District Layyah.

Cost: PKR 327.709 million | Status: Approved

 Widening / Improvement and Rehabilitation of 24-Nos Schemes in PP-272, District Bahawalpur.

Cost: PKR 290.592 million | Status: Approved

Dualization of Bahawalngar City Roads with street lights District Bahawalnagar.      

Cost: PKR 698.081 million | Status: Approved

Widening & Improvement of metalled road from Chishtian-Haroonabad Qazi Wala Road at Adda Chak No.5/1-R to Chak No.1/1-R via Pulli 7/1-R, 11/1-R, 12/1-R,17/1-R alongwith 18/1-R to Pull 21/3-R length:23.50 km District Bahawalnagar. 

Cost: PKR 222.227 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening (from 10’ to 12’) of road from Shero to Ghous Abad via Jhakhar Imam Jhoke Utra to Basti Rekra length=25.00 km, D.G. Khan.   

Cost: PKR 258.960 million | Status: Approved