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12th PDWP

ARCEHOLOGY SECTOR                                   

Capacity Building of Directorate General of Archeology, Lahore.         Issue

Cost: PKR 0.000 | Status: Cleared

WOMEN DEV. SECTOR                                    

Research Report on Situation Analysis of Women’s Employment in Private Sector in Punjab. (PC-II)  

Cost: PKR 5.350 million | Status: Approved

SCHOOL EDUCATION  SECTOR                       

Solar Solution for Off Grid Schools in Punjab. 

Cost: PKR 1415.548 million | Status: Deferred

ROADS SECTOR                                             

Construction of Kamalia Bye Pass Southern Ring from Kamalia Chichawatni Road to Sarfraz More length 13.75 km, T.T. Singh.

Cost: PKR 368.182 million | Status: Deferred

PUBLIC BUILDING SECTOR                              

Construction of Married Officers Residences (MOF) at PS Qilla Gujjar Singh, Lahore.

Cost: PKR 228.753 million | Status: Approved

P&D SECTOR                                                          

Punjab Sustainable Development Goals Project (P-SDGs).      

Cost: PKR 400.000 million | Status: Approved

Water Supply Pipeline from Kudwala to Banna Post-Cholistan, District Bahawalpur.  

Cost: PKR 643.260 million | Status: Deferred

UD SECTOR                                                            

Replacement of 25-No 2/4-Cfs Capacity Tubewlls in different Areas Lahore City.    

Cost: PKR 313.000 million | Status: Deferred

Installation of Filtration Plants on  105-No Tubewells (A Counter Part Project with the Funding of Government of Punjab vs Energy Saving in Water Supply System in Lahore)   

Cost: PKR 499.24 million | Status: Approved


Channelization of Nullah Broach in Tehsil Isakhel District Mianwali. 

Cost: PKR 619.361 million | Status: Deferred

Protection of Abadies and Infrastructure from Devastation of Chichali Nullah Tehsil Isakhel District Mianwali.

Cost: PKR 359.148 million | Status: Approved

Management of Mithawan Hill torrent in D.G. Khan    

Cost: PKR 1040.229 million | Status: Approved

Providing River Training Works over River Ravi Due to Construction of Mal-Fatyana Bridge for Protection of Muhammad Shahwala & Kalera Flood Bund of Burala Division Faisalabad, T.T. Singh.       

Cost: PKR 425.620 million | Status: Approved