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Third Party Assessment and Validation of Flood / Rain Rehabilitation Works in Nine (9) Flood / Rain Affected Divisions of Punjab. (PC-II)        

Cost: PKR 253.997 million | Status: Deferred

Water Supply Pipeline from Kudwala to Banna Post-Cholistan, Bahawalpur.  

Cost: PKR 652.06 million | Status: Approved


Construction of Nullahs from Sublime Chowk to Uggoki More to Sahowala Bridge to Syphon Nullah Aik Silakot.     

Cost: PKR 394.111 million | Status: Approved

Preparation of Water Quality Survey & Sewerage Master Plan / Development Plan of 3 Districts other than Divisional Head Quarters. (PC-II) 

Cost: PKR 23.464 million | Status: Approved

Sewerage / Drainage Scheme Malikwal City District M.B. Din.

Cost: PKR 237.200 million | Status: Approved

P.C.C. and Drainage Scheme Theing More / Illahi Abad Tehsil Chunian District Kasur.

Cost: PKR 256.672 million | Status: Approved

Urban Water Supply Scheme Muridke District Sheikhupura.    

Cost: PKR 450.000 million | Status: Approved

Urban Water Supply scheme Gojra (Phase-II), T.T. Singh.        

Cost: PKR 532.942 million | Status: Approved


Development of Public Park at main boulevard Gulberg and Ferozpur road Lahore.

Cost: PKR 210.421 million | Status: Approved


Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU) and Hiring of Consultant for:

I.          Construction of General Hospital for Specialized Facilities at Murree. (PC-II)

II.         Rehabilitation of Samli Sanatorium Hospital and Establishment of Medical College,Murree (PC-II)

Cost: PKR 4000.000 million | Status: Approved


Capacity Building of Emergency Services in Punjab (Phase-II)

Cost: PKR 1028.016 million | Status: Approved


Construction of Bridge Over River Ravi for Metro Bus System.           

Cost: PKR 664.051 million | Status: Approved

Construction of road from Saggian Chowk (Al-Rehman Chowk) to G.T. Road Gujranwala along Canal Bank in Tehsil Ferozewala District Sheikhupura (length 5.20 km) (Revised).

Cost: PKR 219.641 million | Status: Approved

Improvement / Rehabilitation / Dualization of Sheikhupura Muridke Road length 24.00 km, District Sheikhupura.  

Cost: PKR 1016.656 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of Gujranwala-Pasrur Road km No. 0.00 to 46.00 in District Gujranwala and Sialkot. (Revised)           

Cost: PKR 1220.880 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of Chawinda-Chobara-Sabiz Peer-Charwa Road km 0/0 to 22/53 (length=22.53 km) Sialkot (Revised)         

Cost: PKR 280.129 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Double Road from Gujrat-Jalalpur Jattan Road to University of Gujrat (upto Nawaz Sharif Medical College) length=4.34 kms Gujrat.       

Cost: PKR 198.000 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Dual Carriageway way from Faisalabad Dry Port to Sahianwala via Chak Jhumra) length=9.75 km, Faisalabad.      

Cost: PKR 395.915 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road (Remaining Portion) Dewalian to Dhoke Tahlian length= 8.00 km i/c Construction of link road from Dewalian to Thal Chak L = 5.50 Km and Const. of Bridge (with approaches) over Bunnah Nullah on Dewalian Segal Abad Road L = 1.13 kms total length = 14.63 km District Chakwal. 

Cost: PKR 238.685 million | Status: Approved

Augmentation of Mechanized Unit for Snow Clearance of Murree Hills District Rawalpindi (Purchase of Snow Clearance Machines for Year 2015-16).  

Cost: PKR 347.960 million | Status: Approved

Treatment of Dewal Land Slide on Rawalpindi Murree Kashmir Road Km. 86.00, Rawalpindi.

Cost: PKR 221.831 million | Status: Approved

Dualization of T.H.A.T Road from Jahanian Chowk to Hattian via Motor Way Interchange length=17.6 km District Attock. (Revised)         

Cost: PKR 736.125 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of Lahore Sargodha  Mianwali Bannu Road Art: 2 (Phase-II) from Kot Chandna to Dara Tang km No. 355.47 to 408.92 length=53.45 km, District Mianwali (Revised)       

Cost: PKR 1989.063 million | Status: Approved 

Widening / Improvement of metalled road from Adda Sardarpur to Sial Machine, (Remaining Portion) length=14.36 km, District Khanewal.      

Cost: PKR 212.064 million | Status: Approved

Construction & Extension of W/I of Pattan Minara Manthar Road (length:26.25 Km), R.Y. Khan.        

Cost: PKR 338.453 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Burewala–Ludden Road via Katchi Pacci length:40.10 km, Vehari.     

Cost: PKR 500.979 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Vehari to Tibba Sultan Pur, length=45.21 km in, Vehari (Revised)

Cost: PKR 733.753 million | Status: Withdrawn

Widening / Repair of road from Quaid-e-Azam Chowk to Dharmewal via Nizam Dun Charat Singh, Bakhu Shah, Tibi Sadda Singh Matta Singh, Kanduwal, Rather, Gangowala, Jodhpur, Sura Singh and Adda Pur connecting Basirpur Road at Dharamewala length=18.25 kms, Okara.        

Cost: PKR 210.327 million | Status: Approved