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URBAN DEV.  SECTOR                                             

Faisalabad Link Roads Development Program (FLRDP) Faisalabad.     

Cost: PKR 695.500 million | Status: Approved            

INDUSTRIES SECTOR                                               

Development of Infrastructure in Industrial Estate of Small Industries Estates, Faisalabad.

Cost: PKR 370.324 million | Status: Approved

Development of Infrastructure in Industrial Estates of SIE-I Sialkot, SIE-I&II Gujranwala and SIE Bahawalpur.           

Cost: PKR 204.263million | Status: Approved

ROADS  SECTOR                                                     

Rehabilitation / Improvement / Construction of road from Kotmoman Bhabrah Road to Thathi Noor via Chak No. 19/SB, Uppi, Abadal, Salalm, Phullarwan & Thathi Noor length 34.58 km in District Sargodha. Cost: PKR 477.440 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of Chakri Adda Harnianwala via Bilawal Road i/c Bridge over Sill River length=20 km, Rawalpindi.     

Cost: PKR 573.369 million | Status: Approved            

IRRIGATION SECTOR                                               

Acquisition of Consultancy Services for PPMS, Baseline, Post Completion Survey / Assessment and GIS Enabled Integrated MIS Development for Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project-ADB Assisted (PC-II)       

Cost: PKR 165.000 million | Status: Withdrawn          

P&D SECTOR                                      

Third Party assessment and Validation of Flood / Rain Rehabilitation Works in Nine (09) Flood / Rain Effected Divisions of Punjab (1st Revision)      

Cost: PKR 199.780 million | Status: Approved