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INFORMATION TECH.  SECTOR                       

Automation of Stamp Papers (E-Stamping) (Revised)  

Cost: PKR 342.062 million | Status: Deferred

PPH SECTOR                                                 

Comprehensive Water Supply & Sewerage Scheme for Vehari City.     

Cost: PKR 308.199 million | Status: Deferred 

Mega Sewerage Scheme Liaqatpur City, Tehsil Liaqatpur, District R.Y. Khan.

Cost: PKR 500.000 million | Status: Deferred 

IRRIGATION  SECTOR                                    

Greater Thal Canal Project-Phase-II (Chaubara Branch)          

Cost: PKR 6261.701 million | Status: Approved          

Land Acquisition for Jalalpur Irrigation Project.          

Cost: PKR 3092.500 million | Status: Approved          

Acquisition of Consultancy Services for PPMS, Baseline, Post Completion Survey / Assessment and GIS Enabled Integrated MIS Development for Flood Emergency Reconstruction and Resilience Project-ADB Assisted (PC-II)       

Cost: PKR 165.000 million | Status: Approved