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40th PDWP

Agriculture Sector

Extension in Gestation period of the scheme “Human Resource Development for Improvement of Agriculture Extension system in Punjab”
Cost: Issue | Status: Approved

PPH Sector

Water Supply Scheme Sadiqabad, Tehsil Sadiqabad District R.Y. Khan
Cost: PKR 711.538 million | Status: Withdrawn/not discussed

UD Sector

Land Acquisition and Partial Development of Area Development Scheme Sheikhupura-II
Cost: PKR 429.812 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.1566 (New)
Widening of Canal Bank Road Underpass at Jail Road, Underpass Chobucha, and Remodeling of all Existing Underpasses
Cost: PKR 8,504.555 million | Status: Approved
Construction of Elevated Expressway alongwith Metro Bus Service (EEW & MBS) from Jail Road / Main Boulevard Gulberg to Ring Road Motorway M-2, Lahore
Cost: PKR 5,719.000 million | Status: Approved

DP Sector

Establishment of Model Cattle Market Sammundri Road, Faisalabad
Cost: PKR  277.752 million | Status: Deferred 
Construction of Dual Carriageway Approach Road from Barki Road to Aashiyana Housing Scheme, Lahore. (length = 2.278 Km, W= (24’+24’) Carriageway+ (12’+12’) Service Road
Cost: PKR  578.254 million | Status: Approved

Transport Sector

Bus Terminal Cum-Commercial Complex at Railway Station, Lahore (PC-II)
Cost: PKR 20.000 million | Status: Approved

Regional Planning Sector

Establishment of Zoo at Multan (PC-II)
Cost: PKR 7.700 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.SPDP 681 (New)
Dualization of Hasilpur-Bahawalpur Road (length=77.25 km), District Bahawalpur
Cost: PKR  4,945.681 million | Status: Approved | ADP No. B. Allocation SPDP 681 (New)

Public Buildings Sector

Construction of High Security Prison in Southern Punjab (one at Sahiwal)
Cost: PKR 1,032.905 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.1127 (on-going)
Hiring of consultant for preparation of TORs / Bidding documents for International Bidding regarding Topographic survey and geotechnical studies for land sliding Zonization of Murree Hill area mainly located between old Rawalpindi-Murree Road and Islamabad Murree Expressway, in Murree. (PC-II)
Cost: PKR  1.476 million | Status: Approved

Roads Sector

Dualization / Improvement of Golra Road from G.T. Road to Kashmir Highway Islamabad length=1.92 km, District Rawalpindi
Cost: PKR  323.128 million | Status: Approved
Dualization of Lahore-Faisalabad-Jhang-Bhakkar Road (Section Faisalabad By-Pass Sadar Chowk to Jhang City Phase-I) from km No.155.75 to 169.05, length=13.30 km
Cost: PKR 987.315 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.879 (on-going)
Feasibility Study for the project Dualization of Sheikhupura-Gujranwala Road, length 54.33 km (project length=44.8 km)(under PPP mode)PC-II
i.   Section from km 3.90 to 14.65 length 10.75 km falls in Distt Sheikhupura.
ii.   Section from km 14.65 to 48.70 length: 34.05 km falls in Distt Gujranwala
Cost: PKR 52.536 million | Status: Approved
Dualization of Faisalabad – Sargodha Road from Faisalabad Byepass to Chiniot, length=20 km (under PPP mode) PC-II
i.    Section from km 14 to 19.98 length 5.98 km falls in District Faisalabad.
ii.    Section from km 19.98 to 34 length: 14.02 km falls in District Chiniot
Cost: PKR 18.983 million | Status: Approved
Feasibility Study for the Project:- Dualization of Faisalabad Ring Road, length=98 km (PC-II) (under PPP mode)
Cost: PKR  94.059 million | Status: Approved
Duzalitation of Bahawalpur-Hasilpur-Bahawalnagar Road (section Hasil-Bahawalnagar), length 80-km (under PPP mode) PC-II
Cost: PKR  81.482 million | Status: Approved
Construction of Metalled Road from Bahawalpur-Hasilpur Road at km No.14 to Quaid-E-Azam Solar Park Lal Sohanra Via Chak No.5/BC (length:10.90 km) District Bahawalpur. (Revised)
Cost: PKR  502.475 million | Status: Approved
Widening / Improvement of Road from Vehari to Hasilpur length: 48.68 km in District Vehari / Bahawalpur
Cost: PKR  1,044.764 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.830 (on-going)
Widening / Improvement of Sher Shah Road from Aziz Hotel To Sher Shah Bye Pass, length 16.79 km in District Multan. (Revised)
Cost: PKR  347.029 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.827 (on-going)
Widening and Improvement of Tibba Sultan Pur to Luddan Road via Mitroo from km 9.35 to 43.40 & 44.80 to 65.25, L=54.50 Km I/C W/I of Link Road Karam Pur to Burana L=8.80 km total length of road 63.60 km in District Vehari
Cost: PKR  1,017.028 million | Status: Approved | ADP No.831 (on-going)