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7th PDWP


Enhancing Beef Production in Punjab-Phase-II.

Cost: PKR 292.885 million | Status: Approved

Conservation, Development and Propagation of Dhani, Lohani and Dajal Breeds of Cattle in Punjab.

Cost: PKR 54.461 million | Status: Approved

PPP SECTOR                                              

Feasibility Studies for Establishment of Aquaculture Processing Zone under PPP Mode (PC-II).

Cost: PKR 30.840 million | Status: Approved

P&D SECTOR                                

Promotion of alternate energy for Command Area Development of Mini Dams / Ponds Completed on Potohar Region.

Cost: PKR 211.000 million | Status: Approved

Rain Water Harvesting Project for all Villages in Potohar Area By Abad (Revised)

Cost: PKR 213.400 million | Status: Approved

ENERGY SECTOR                                   

Preparation of Feasibility Studies, Financial Structure, Revenue Model and PC-I for Establishment of 150-200 MW Coal Fired Power Projects at Four (4) locations near Load Centers in Punjab. (PC-II)

Cost: PKR 68.065million | Status: Not Discussed

Management of Bidding Process and Construction Supervision of 150-200 MW Coal Fired Power Projects at Four (4) Locations in Punjab. (PC-II)

Cost: PKR 498.094 million | Status: Not Discussed

Ujaala-II, Provision of Solar Panels to Households Below the Poverty Line-Chief Minister’s Ujaala Programme (2015-18)

Cost: PKR 1199.863 million | Status: Not Discussed  

DP SECTOR                                               

Establishment of Model Cattle Market Bypass Road Chichawatni.

Cost: PKR 233.694 million | Status: Approved

PUBLIC BUILDINGS SECTOR                       

Construction of Traffic Police Lines No.2 Bedian Road, Lahore.

Cost: PKR 523.178 million | Status: Not Discussed

ROADS SECTOR                                          

Construction of Kamalia Bye Pass Southern Ring from Kamalia Chichawatni Road to Sarfraz More length 13.75 km, T.T. Singh

Cost: PKR 368.182 million | Status: Not Discussed

Rehabilitation of road from Khanpur to Bagho Bahar (length:20.00 km) R.Y. Khan.

Cost: PKR 259.781million | Status: Not Discussed

Widening / Improvement of road from Belgium Chowk to Chowk By Pass (length:4.25 km) Rahim Yar Khan.

Cost: PKR 398.065 million | Status: Not Discussed

Improvement of Metalled Road from Fortabbas to Maroot (length:50 Km) District Bahawalnagar.

Cost: PKR 1360.650 million | Status: Not Discussed

Dualization of road from Uch Sharif to Ahmedpur East (length:27.25 km) Bahawalpur.

Cost: PKR 1820.531 million | Status: Not Discussed

Widening / Improvement of road from Shahpur to Qaimpur via Jamalpur (legnth:18.00 km) District Bahawalpur.

Cost: PKR 345.415 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Additional Ring Road Bahawalpur Railway Station to Bino Hospital via Bindra Pully–Dewan Pully–Sadar Pully–Kali Pully (length:10.75 km), Bahawalpur.

Cost: PKR 1701.714 million | Status: Not Discussed

Construction of road from Haji Pur to Lundi Syedan (L=26) Phase-II Rajanpur (Widening / Improvement).

Cost: PKR 449.485 million | Status: Not Discussed