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9th PDWP


Punjab Non-Formal Education Project    (Issue)

Cost: PKR 0.000 million | Status: Cleared

P&D SECTOR                                   

Restructuring / Revamping and Strengthening of Punjab Economic Research Institute.

Cost: PKR 250.000 million | Status: Approved

TRANSPORT SECTOR                                   

Construction of Lahore Orange Line Metro Train Project (Land Acquisition, Structure Compensation and Relocation of Public Religious Buildings)

Cost: PKR 19,781.180 million | Status: Not Discussed

PPH SECTOR                       

Urban Sewerage Drainage Scheme Pattoki District Kasur.(Revised)

Cost: PKR 650.734 million | Status: Approved

URBAN DEV. SECTOR                                          

Feasibility Study for Extension of Water Resources for Faisalabad City Phase-II.

Cost: PKR 10.000 million | Status: Approved

Extension of Sewerage Network to Un-Served Areas of Faisalabad.

Cost: PKR 650.000 million | Status: Approved


Establishment of Model Cattle Market Sargodha Road, Sheikhupura.

Cost: PKR 281.780 million | Status: Approved


Inventory Management System for Assets of Police Department.(PC-II)

Cost: PKR 10.600 million | Status: Approved


Khadem-e-Punjab Rural Roads Project (KPRRP)-Afforestation Component.

Cost: PKR 1141.941million | Status: Approved


Construction of Concrete Silos of 30,000 M. Tons Capacity at Chishtian District Bahawalnagar.

Cost: PKR 453.461million | Status: Approved


Construction of Flood Protection Works along Rayya Flood Bund at RD 32+000 to Protect Village Daud Khas District Narowal.

Cost: PKR 437.636million | Status: Approved


Purchase of Land for Construction of Women Development Complex, Lahore.(PC-II).

Cost: PKR 50.000 million | Status: Approved


Hiring of Consultant for Adaptive Re-Use of existing building of Murree Arts Council into A Cinema / Auditorium / Theatre.(PC-II)

Cost: PKR 7.000 million | Status: Approved


Establishment of Central Research Laboratory, PGMI, Lahore.

Cost: PKR 278.669 million | Status: Approved

Establishment of Institute of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery at Children’s Hospital & Institute of Child Health Lahore.

Cost: PKR 738.238 million | Status: Approved

Establishment of 60 Bedded Tehsil Level Hospital at Manawan (Rakh Chabil) G.T.Road, Lahore. Cost: PKR 335.510 million | Status: Approved

PUBLIC BUILDINGS SECTOR                                          

Construction of District Jail, Khanewal.          

Cost: PKR 1554.347 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Lawyers Chambers in Judicial Complex (Phase-II) at Lahore.

Cost: PKR 231.550 million | Status: Approved

ROADS SECTOR                                          

Widening / Improvement / Rehabilitation of Kahuta Panjar Azad Pattan Road length 31.00 km, Tehsil Kahuta, District Rawalpindi.     

Cost: PKR 1129.790 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Flyover at G.T. Road from Sarwar Shaheed College to Gulliyana More Tehsil Gujar Khan. (PC-II)      

Cost: PKR 88.80 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Underpass on G.T. Road at Dina District Jhelum. (PC-II)       

Cost: PKR 28.000  million | Status: Approved

Repair/Rehabilitation of road from Sillanwali to Chak No. 58/ Janubi via 119 More, 126/SB length 39.80 km District Sargodha.        

Cost: PKR 1018.670 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement / Construction of road from Laksian Pull at km No. 130 of Lahore Sargodha Bannu Road to Lilliani via Jala Makhdoom, Ghous Muhammad Wala, Miana Khoh, Matila, Chak No. 67/SB length 35.60 km in District Sargodha.

Cost: PKR 734.128  million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Improvement of G.T Road from Aziz Cross Chowk to Chand Da Qila City Portion, District Gujranwala.           

Cost: PKR 369.954  million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Widening / Improvement of road from Mandi Kamonke to Mandi Siranwali via Nandpur Soonper Mandi Wahndo Thapnala Dera Noor Alam Danser Bala Gilgith total length=43.00 km District Gujranwala.  

Cost: PKR 456.129 million | Status: Approved

Dualization of Main Road Peoples Colony from Faqir Pura Chowk to Behari Colony Chowk i/c link from Main Market to Peoples Colony Gujranwala L=2.20+0.9)=3.10 kms Un-approved Gujranwala.          

Cost: PKR 216.097 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Wazirabad to Kot Harra Road length=42.80 km District Gujranwala. 

Cost: PKR 1376.689 million | Status: Approved

Construction of Mettaled Road Jalalpur Bhattian L=6.70 km, District Hafizabad.       

Cost: PKR 415.890 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Pull Nooriana to Tiba Manik Bosal i/c Links Chak No.11, Gumnana, Haveli Bati Khan Bosal & Link Sargodha Road to Rukan along Saim Nullah length16.50 kms District Mandi Bahauddin.

Cost: PKR 207.108 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Chak No. 90/RB to 99/RB via 91/RB,93/RB,94/RB,96/RB,97/RB, length=26.20 km, Faisalabad.           

Cost: PKR 254.970 million | Status: Approved

Widening / Improvement of road from Chak No. 76/GB to Dijkot–Pensera Road via 76/GB, 79/GB, 80/GB, 82/GB, 84/GB, 85/GB, 86/GB, 83/GB Khundian, 249/RB Chohtan Balochwala, 242/RB, Dassuha, 247/RB Miani, 251/RB, 251/RB Kang Khurd, 256/RB Dhengan Wala upto Dijkot Road, length=46 km, Faisalabad.   

Cost: PKR 397.779 million | Status: Approved

Dualization of road from National Model School to Faisalabad Road / Sharqpur Chowk Via Sarwar Shaheed Road Stadium and Qila City Sheikhupura length 1.59 km (Phase-I) (Revised).         

Cost: PKR 448.063 million | Status: Approved

Dualization of road from Layyah to Chowk Azam, length 28.70 km District Layyah. 

Cost: PKR 3016.874 million | Status: Approved

Rehabilitation / Repair of Metalled Road from Tarku Adda to Kharkan road Chak No. 501/TDA length 33.00 District Layyah.           

Cost: PKR 294.809  million | Status: Approved

Construction of Flyover at Feroza Railway Station length=2500 Rft, District R.Y. Khan.        

Cost: PKR 354.770 million | Status: Approved