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Development in South Punjab

Inclusive growth and regional equity are important features of Development Program. Accordingly, a very high priority has been assigned to Southern Punjab.
Following are some of the important projects to be implemented in South Punjab:


  • Khadim-e-Punjab Saaf Pani Programme – initiative for clean Water (Millions PKR 25,000)
  • Dualization of Khanewal – Lodhran Road (Millions PKR 15,000)
  • Establishment of Safe Cities at Multan and Bahawalpur  (Millions PKR 12,783)
  • Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme (KPRRP) (Millions PKR 11,000)
  • Construction of Additional Class Rooms in Schools having Highest Enrollment (Millions PKR  5,500)
  • Revamping of all DHQ Hospitals / THQ Hospitals in Punjab (Millions  PKR 5,000)
  • Khadim-e-Punjab Ujala Programme  (Millions  PKR 3,000)            
  • Reconstruction of Dilapidated School Buildings (Millions  PKR 3,000)
  • Dualization of Muzaffargarh - D.G. Khan Road (Millions  PKR 3,000)
  • Provision of Missing Facilities in Schools  (Millions  PKR 2,000)
  • Expansion of Recip Tayyab Ardagon Hospital, Muzafargarh (Millions  PKR 2,000)
  • Cholistan Development Authority (CDA)               (Millions  PKR 1,600)
  • Tribal Area Development Project (TADP) (Millions  PKR 1,000)
  • Upgradation of DHQ Hospital to Teaching Hospital, D.G.Khan (Millions  PKR 1,000)
  • Lower Bari Doab Canal Improvement Project  (Millions  PKR 1,000)          
  • Purchase of Mobile Health Units (Large Units (Millions PKR 800)
  • Establishment of University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences at Bahawalpur (Millions  PKR 759)
  • Establishment of Muhammad Nawaz Shareef University of Agriculture, Multan (Phase II) (Millions  PKR 726)
  • Establishment of Khawaja Farid University of Engineering and Information Technology (UEIT) R.Y. Khan (Millions  PKR 587)               
  • Expansion of CPE Institute of Cardiology, Multan (Construction of New OPD & Inpatient Block)  (Millions  PKR 500)
  • Construction / Expansion of 150 beds for provision of sub-specialist services at Children Hospital Multan  (Millions  PKR 411)               
  • Establishment of Cadet College at Khanpur and Fort Manro  (Millions  PKR 350) 
  • Completion of DHQ Hospital Building for Conversion into Kidney Centre Multan (Millions  PKR 247)
  • Southern Punjab Poverty Alleviation Programme (SPPAP)  (Millions  PKR 217)    
  • Re-vamping of one tertiary care Hospital (Millions PKR 200)        
  • Establishment of Medical College at Bahawalnagar (Millions PKR 135)     
  • Construction of Phase-II Sheikh Zayed Medical Complex, R.Y. Khan  (Millions  PKR 73)     

Youth Programmes

  • Skill Development Programme for Youth (Millions  PKR 7,400)
  • Development Schemes of Sports (Millions  PKR 8,000)
  • Self-Employment Scheme PSIC (Millions  PKR 2,000)       
  • Educational Scholarship for Talented Students (Millions  PKR 5,000)         
  • E-employment scheme for Youth (Millions  PKR 500)

Agriculture Programmes

  • Irrigation Sector Projects (Millions  PKR 36,000) 
  • Agriculture and Livestock Development Projects (Millions  PKR 20,500)  
  • Khadim-e-Punjab Rural Roads Programme (KPRRP) (Millions  PKR 17,000)
  • Khadim-e-Punjab Kisan Package (Millions  PKR 15,000)
  • Forestry, Food, Fisheries & Wildlife (Millions  PKR 4,150)