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Punjab Government in collaboration with World Bank Preserving Heritage for the Future Generations

17 May, 2017

Punjab government believes that all the religious and heritage sites in Punjab Province reflect the diverse and pluralistic traditions of the area and form an integral part of Punjab’s rich and diverse culture. Therefore, strengthening institutions, implementing effective frameworks, raising awareness and deploying resources and efforts for the upkeep of these sites is among the government’s top priorities, said P&D Spokesman.

 Katas Raj in Chakwal is one such site that has received government support with dedicated resources towards ongoing improvement and maintenance. The Punjab government is concerned by the dwindling water supply situation at the Katas Raj temples and adjacent areas and intends to engage with concerned federal agencies including The Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) to thoroughly scrutinize the situation, he disclosed.

The environmental and industrial conditions of the area along with community concerns will be examined to find solutions to rectify the situation as well as prevent the water shortage from recurring. Growing challenges including environmental changes, urban growth and industrial development along with other critical aspects will be taken into consideration for short term and long term restoration and preservation.

The Punjab Government is also working on Punjab Tourism for Economic Growth Project (PTEG) with financial and technical support from the World Bank, to strengthen institutions, increase private sector participation, and improve infrastructure to support the tourism sector in Province. This initiative will help in maintaining historical, cultural and religious sites as well as tap into their vast economic potential, he concluded.