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Punjab Road Sector Development Project, ADB Assisted

Name of the project
Punjab Road Sector Development Project. ADB Assisted
ADP 2007-08:
G. Sr. No
Punjab Basis
Sponsoring Agency
C&W Department / Highways Department.
Executing Agency
C&W Department / Highways Department.
Total Cost
Rs.13328.000 million
Project Duration
72 Months
Approval status
Approved on 23-04-2003.
Brief Description:
The project envisaged the improvement / rehabilitation of about 303 km selected Provincial Highways to a standard two lane road (7.3 meter width) with Asphaltic surface including 1.0 meter treated shoulders on each side and widening / improvement of about 1020 km selected Rural Roads to 20-ft (6.10 meter) metalled width with Triple Surface Treatment (TST).
303 Km Provincial Roads &
1020 Km Rural Roads
Achievements upto January, 2008
Rs.2118.447 million has been utilized upto January, 2008 (16%).

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