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Agriculture Sector

1 Feasibility Study for Estab. of Agri. Machinery TEsting Evaluation Certification
2 Estab. of Agriculture Marketing Complex at Lakho Dair, LHR (Concept paper)
3 Rehabilitation of Salt Affected Soils through Gypsum Application
4 Improving Quality of Cotton through Baggaging Facility Punjab
5 Promotion of Gram Cultivation Life Saving Irrigation Sprinkler System (22.8.17)
6 Estab. of Sub Campus University Agri, Faisalabad Depalpur Okara
7 Reconst. Watercourses for Sustainable Economic Dev. in Rural Areas
8 Dev. of Floriculture Markets in Punjab
9 Developing Pothwar into an Olive Valley
10 Dev. of Floriculture Markets in Punjab